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Our plane will be the Front Plane. Large assembly mode will automatically activate a set of performance enhancing options based on a user defined component threshold. Organize a large assembly using Treehouse, SpeedPak, and more. You can also see that the amount of RAM required to open the same assembly on the same computer dropped from 2.718 GB to 1.479 GB, simply by checking on the option to open the assembly using lightweight components. This, of course, turns the entire assembly into a single part.I’ll save it in the same directory and give it the same custom properties as the original assembly. You will undoubtedly find that the copy on your local fixed disk will open faster (often 3-4 times faster) than the version stored on the network location. We start with the first part, the simple cover panel. However, does not allow the user to make changes to the assembly or parts. © Copyright 2018 - Sponsored by Dassault Systèmes, Detect and Correct Model Quality Issues with SOLIDWORKS Design Checker, Learn How GE Healthcare Optimizes Products with CFD, Design Through Analysis: Simulation-Driven Product Development Pays Business Dividends in Transition to Smart Manufacturing, Design Through Analysis: Today’s Designers Greatly Benefit From Simulation-Driven Product Development, Design Through Analysis: Simulation-Driven Design Speeds System Level Design and Transition to Manufacturing, Giaffone Racing: Expanding Into New Racing Markets with Topology Optimization Tools, Empower Ecommerce with 3D Technology and SOLIDWORKS, A New Approach to Modelling Lattices and Other Complex Geometry, Descending the Grand Canyon in a Wheelchair, What the Power of the Cloud Brings to Engineering and CAD, 4 Reasons Why You Should Care About the New 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Offers, “Why is my assembly so slow to open and save?”, “Why is my assembly so slow to work with?”, Significantly slows down your standard workflow, Slow to work with (rotate, zoom in and out, add mates, switch between windows), Overly detailed features (like the thread pattern in the tire, knurling, ribbing, etc. A simplified configuration of the tire to be used in the large assembly. Create a new folder for this purpose. This is a fantastic feature allowing to open huge assemblies in a matter of seconds, not minutes (or even hours in some cases). ), Work from a local disk rather than a network location, Work from a solid-state hard drive (or similar) rather than a mechanical spinning hard drive, Utilize the option for lightweight components in an assembly, Use the Assembly Visualization tool to find components that are slowing down your assembly, Make sure the image quality for your parts is not set too high, Make a simplified configuration of your parts that have a large number of small details. Drawing sheets, that is, the paper drawings are printed on, are manufactured in standard sizes. Toby Schnaars began using the SOLIDWORKS Software on the ’98 plus release, in October of 1998. using Defeature, Envelope, Large Design Review. In SolidWorks, you can open an assembly and select File, Save as…, SolidWorks Part. As you can see from the figure, simply checking this option and closing and reopening the same assembly on the same computer will reduce the time required to open the assembly from 1minute 10seconds down to 27seconds. For example, when opening an assembly, all of the associated parts feature history is loaded into me… SOLIDWORKS - How to Import IGES, STEP, UG and ACIS Files as an Assembly. This will help you to get the fastest possible read/write times when saving and opening your assemblies. Example A: Reuse geometry in an assembly. 17 Full PDFs related to this paper. Below is a list of the main options and how to change them. Let’s take a look at each cause of slow performance and examine some common approaches to making assemblies faster. Not only is this level of detail not necessary, but it can also be detrimental to the performance of the top-level assembly. Figure 3. SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer program that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.While it is possible to run SolidWorks on an Intel-based Mac with Windows installed, the application's developer recommends against this. What I found was that this model had been created with far too much detail to be used in a large assembly. Third, Solidworks has steadily created thumbnails of parts, assemblies, drawings that facilitate selection in the window expander. Turning on optimize image quality for better performance will dramatically increase the efficiency of your graphics card. By the time you finish reading this tutorial, you should be able to successfully: * Model a basic part in SolidWorks * Successfully add basic features to the parts * Fully assemble multiple parts using basic mate features Necessary Tools: The amount of time required to create your part assembly will depend on the detail involved in the parts that you are trying to model. He has fielded … Since different computers will have different hardware, what constitutes a “large assembly” on one machine (meaning what causes the computer to slow down when working on this assembly) may … Helical threads are graphically generated with an exorbitant number of polygons and graphical triangles, which will significantly slow down your assembly performance (multiplied by however many bolts you have in your assembly). These can not be edited or shown in the feature manager design … Collaboration tools and business features 4. We can see all of the detail of the tire treading and the extruded text around the sidewall of the tire. Whenever you open an assembly and begin working, and your computer starts to chug(aka slow down), you are working on a large assembly. One of the best tools available in SOLIDWORKS for troubleshooting a large assembly is the “Assembly Visualization” tool found on the “Evaluate” toolbar. I was surprised that this part was flagged as a “problem part” as this part should have been a simple tire used in four places in our assembly. First, each file has an extension that makes sorting easier. Troubleshoot large assemblies. Lesson 1.1 What is SolidWorks: o Explain what SolidWorks is used for . These are not considered top-down design because they don't use any of the other parts in the assembly. With 5,000 parts? This increased the functionality of the feature … In this video, we learn about SOLIDWORKS Lightweight Mode, and … Typically large assembly issues are attributed to slow hardware, network configuration, or software problems. That, all you SolidWorks Pros may know, is a large request in itself. For example, while working in an assembly, you could edit a component's extrusion to reverse its direction or edit a fillet to add more edges from the same component. Watch the status in the lower left corner in the software and wait until the assembly is fully loaded into RAM (when you are no longer seeing a Windows hourglass icon). In my first blog, I showed several examples of a large assembly that was slow to open, slow to save, and slow to work with. SpeedPak. Since the amount of data being loaded into memory has a direct impact on how long the assembly takes to open, it should make sense that an assembly requiring less RAM would take less time to load. In this article, we discussed a lot of tips and tricks for working with a large assembly. Watch and learn about all the new editing capabilities now available in … Lesson 1.2 User Interface: o Identify the key elements of the Command Manager In SOLIDWORKS 2017, the most useful criteria for determining which components are causing an assembly to run poorly are “SW-Open Time,” “SW-Rebuild Time” and “Graphics-Triangles.” You will often see corresponding results; for example, a part that takes a long time to rebuild will also take a long time to open, and will have a large number of graphics triangles. A part model of a tire with far too much detail. 100MB in file size? This means that you can still work with this lightweight component in an assembly to add mates, create section views, take measurements, create exploded views and perform a variety of other assembly-level adjustments to the component. I was once working on a SOLIDWORKS Tech Support case and a customer told me that he was working on a large assembly. Because of this, our fifth tip for working with large assemblies is to keep your image quality set to a reasonable value. This will lead to very poor performance, particularly when this component is used in multiple locations in an assembly. In past testing, I have usually turned Large Assembly Mode off for GPU comparisons - but this time around I wanted to see how it impacted performance, so I ran the Lego Tower (the only assembly we have which is large enough to trigger use of LAM) again. SolidWorks is published by Dassault Systèmes. Speed pack, complex assembly and reduced mode are terms you don't know? I asked him, “Approximately what size is the assembly?”  My goal was to determine how large the file size was and/or how many components were in the assembly. So, a logical question might be: “Is there anything we can do to reduce the amount of information an assembly needs to load into RAM to help speed up the open/save processes? Figure 10. SolidWorks is becoming more widely used in the industry due to its easy nature. Why You Should use the Automatically Load Components Lightweight Option in SOLIDWORKS. About the Author . SolidWorks does not support macOS. Last year, SOLIDWORKS gave us the ability to edit these assemblies while in Large Assembly Design Review Mode (for rigid assemblies only). The reason that this option is so powerful lies in what lightweight actually does. However, since the feature tree of the model is not loaded into memory, far less RAM is required per component. So, for the sake of conformity, for this article, we will consider a “large assembly” to be any assembly that slows down a computer running this hardware. Help! It’s SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Design Review Mode. The Defeature tool has been enhanced in SOLIDWORKS 2019; enabling users to massively defeature assemblies to remove unnecessary detail or to protect intellectual property. Many factors can affect how long an assembly takes to open from a network location, and not all networks run at the same speeds, but this simple illustration can lead you to one of the first things you can do to open and save your assemblies faster: When you are working with large assemblies, work from a local disk rather than a network location. Whenever you open an assembly and begin working, and your computer starts to chug(aka slow down), you are working on a large assembly. When an assembly is slow to open and save, you are running into an issue with loading a large amount of information from the “fixed disk” into “RAM.” The fixed disk, or hard disk drive, on your computer is where your files are stored when the program SOLIDWORKS is shut down and the computer is turned off. Design Intent, Sketching and Sketch Entities SOLIDWORKS ® 2018 Reference Guide Page 4 - 4 Design Intent in an Assembly Utilizing symmetry, reusing common parts and using the Mate relation between parts builds the design intent into an assembly. Then apply some of the tips above and time your assembly again. You can turn on Large Assembly Mode at any time. Since we are loading data from the hard drive into RAM, and saving from RAM onto the hard drive, these read/write speeds are extremely important, and we want the fastest possible read/write speeds to obtain the fastest open and save times from SOLIDWORKS. Is it an assembly with over 500 parts? When we open the tire into its own window, we see what is shown in Figure 11. With over 1,000 parts? British Columbia. Open Large Assembly In Design Review Mode From File Explorer. This information may be used to create the mold of the part file for the tire, but it is not necessary to include this detail at the top-level assembly of our project. Here are my top six tips and tricks for speeding up a large assembly: Remember also to use the stopwatch trick we discussed. When examining the world of hard disk drives, you will find that not all hard disk drives are made to the same specifications. Figure 9. Surface/solid entities Try forming solid(s) – SolidWorks attempts to knit the surfaces into solids. Our cover panel with the image quality cranked all the way to the highest level on the right. A new Silhouette option is now available to help simplify an assembly based on the outlines of components and bodies. Figure 1. In this blog series I’ve been covering each of those variables to help you get your SOLIDWORKS large assemblies opened, working, and saving faster. Sometimes the SSD will be 5x to 10x faster than the current HDD. Over the course of my 20-plus years of using the SOLIDWORKS software, I have often been asked the following questions: SOLIDWORKS has some great settings that can help speed up the use of large assemblies, but there are also some modeling techniques that you can use to significantly reduce the time required to open and work with assemblies. The original designers have set configurations of the plate in 2 positions, but I want to free up the plate to move as I drag it. Combine this with the first one when you don’t need a lot of extra detail shown in the model for even more improvements. In this instance, the component is used in three locations, but imagine if this was a piece of hardware that was used in 40 instances in the assembly. What you will find is that a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) will almost always have slower read/write speeds than its contemporary counterpart in the solid-state drive (SSD) field. The goal of this blog is to illustrate some of these settings and techniques to help your assemblies perform better and faster. Keep in mind that many computers today are configured with two hard drives—one SSD for the operating system and programs, and another HDD for data storage. The first thing you need to look at when determining why a file is slow to open or save is whether there is anything you can do with the hardware you are using. The assembly contains a linear pattern of holes. SolidWorks does not have the capabilities to work with large assemblies or design high-quality surfaces. My SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly is Slow to Open . Next, use the command WINDOW>CLOSE ALL to close the current assembly. We are far from building airplanes or any other complex assemblies and I do not consider our assemblies large. If you ever worked with large assemblies in SOLIDWORKS® you might be aware of Large Design Review mode. So far, we have discussed some things you can do to increase the speeds in which SOLIDWORKS can access files stored on the fixed disk and load these files into RAM. Using the option for More in the Assembly Visualization tool. Posts related to 'SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Tutorial', SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly and Drawing Workshop, ← SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 File Explorer Enhancements & Keyboard Shortcuts. What is a “large assembly” in SOLIDWORKS? Figure 11. Solidworks Simulation uses FEA (Finite Element Analysis) methods to identify the behavior of parts or assemblies/parts when a load is applied. For our final tip, we will open the second part that Assembly Visualization indicated was a potential problem. Each sub-assembly needs its own cover drawing with BOM, followed by drawings of each part. The component plate has the (f) prefix, but not the assembly. Large Assembly Mode – This state loads in a collection of system settings, mostly display and view settings, with the aim of turning off any settings which could hinder the systems (SOLIDWORKS Assemblies file’s) performance. Based on years of experience helping customers with large assembly issues we have found that adopting the latest SOLIDWORKS techniques … For designing simpler projects, there is no need to go through the hassle of learning all of these advanced methods and techniques in Creo. When activated, this feature loads models quickly and allows users to manipulate, measure, and section models to accurately review designs. Large Displacement for Static Studies in SOLIDWORKS Written by Silvio Perez on January 11, 2016 1 Comment I am sure that many of us who have run a simulation static study have come across this warning message, where an excessive displacement warning was generated and asked us to continue running the current study or enable the Large Displacement option to improve the accuracy. If the SOLIDWORKS files are stored on a fixed disk in a network location, it will take longer to open and save the files than it would if the files were stored on a local fixed disk (i.e., stored in your laptop or tower). When discussing SOLIDWORKS large assembly performance with my students, I often will say,“There is no one single magic option to make assemblies perform faster. Open large assembly in design review form Windows Explorer. This handy feature was also added way back in SOLIDWORKS 2012 so even large assemblies can open very fast. As you can see in Figure 7, by clicking on the arrow next to Mass, you can choose the option for More. At the end, I will leave you with a list of my top six tools to get the best possible performance from your large assemblies. These bottlenecks will not exist if you are opening the files from a fixed disk that is stored directly in your laptop or tower. Large Assembly Mode is a collection of system settings that improves the performance of assemblies. Assembly roughly speaking help you make a complex model made of other models previously created. Secondly, the name of the folder is not parametric. Choosing to turn off automatic rebuild will allow you to quickly jump between open parts and assemblies without … If your computer is configured like this, you should try to move your large assembly files on to the SSD before working with them. Figure 4. As you can see in Figure 12, a simplified configuration of this tire has been created without the tire treads and the extruded text around the tire’s sidewall. them together in an assembly in tutorial 7. Figure 12. When working with a large assembly that is slow to rotate, zoom in and out, add mates or switch between windows, we can often narrow the problem down to one of two issues: Either the image quality is dialed up too high on these components, or the level of detail included in these components is too fine. Beyond this, your physical computer hardware and networking setup may play a role in the amount of time it takes to open and save your larger assemblies. How well it works for various industries (i.e. To make for a fair comparison, we are going to judge each program using four criteria: 1. If I had to split my knuckles across the edge of my desk about anything, it would be the frustration that comes with large assembly management in SolidWorks. He responded, “It’s about the size of a barn….”. With that in mind, my second tip for improving performance with large assemblies is to utilize a SSD instead of a mechanical hard drive to store and save your SOLIDWORKS assemblies. RAM, or random access memory, is the much faster temporary storage where files are loaded when we are working on them in SOLIDWORKS. Manage your resources using various system options. Every SOLIDWORKS part or assembly model starts off with a default configuration, and there are multiple methods for creating additional configurations. This is especially important (and common) when working with downloaded hardware (bolts and screws), which are created with helical threads. When importing IGES, STEP, UG and ACIS files into SolidWorks there are several options for how you want to import the files. Your assemblies will open and save faster. In Figure 8, we have sorted our assembly by Graphics-Triangles and determined that the first and second part in our assembly are yielding a large number of polygons (or Graphics-Triangles), which could be slowing down our assembly performance. Generally speaking, a large assembly is defined as an assembly in which you start to see slowdowns in your system.

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